Blue Tangerine Charity Trustees

Our Blue Tangerine Charity Trustees have been recruited from across the local community for the skills and expertise they are able to offer to our charities and our projects. For more information about our Trustees please visit the Charities Commission Website.

Mark Hoult-Allen


Charity Consultant

Chris Luff (MBE)

Vice-Chair – Farm Committee

CEO of Watford Chamber of Commerce

Founder of Chamber of Conscience

Marc-Pierre Dietrich

Vice Chair – Cafe Committee

Head of Business Development at Smiths Coffee

James Colvin 


Director of Mayflower Accounting

David Bisoni 

Senior Vice President, Business Affairs & International Development at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden

Manda Sides 

Head of Operations at The Blue Tangerine Federation

Roma Bhowmick 

Strategy, Leadership & Change Consultant

Clare Rudd

Marketing & Website

Director of Elvia Marketing