The Blue Tangerine Federation and The Blue Tangerine Charity at The Chelsea Flower Show 2022

Promoting the abilities of disability on a world stage

Many of us have forgotten the importance of nature in our life, and have therefore lost the ability to access it. A lot of our children spend their time on technology which is causing poor mental health and a negative mind set. We want to encourage outdoor learning to promote positive social interaction and to learn about our environment and how important conservation is.

The acceptance by The Chelsea Flower Show in 2022 to exhibit a garden got our pupils’ imagination going wild.  Weeds are often overlooked and removed from view, though have historically many medicinal and wellbeing properties through foods, drinks and healing powers.  Our garden promoted such weeds and celebrated their beauty, strength and tenacity.  In part metaphor, but holistically a beautiful, calm and serene garden was promoted to the thousands of viewers who loved the cheekiness, honesty and beauty of the finished garden on show.

Of course, the pupils were thrilled to get a medal from the judges – a bronze medal!  made all the more special as it was presented to the federation of schools in the context of being judged alongside the best horticulturalists and designers in the world!

Wow!  What is possible with support and nurturing – the abilities of our children having the platform to thrive!