Cafe and Farm FAQ’s

Why do you want to create the Cafe and Farm?

To build on the schools extensive experience of horticulture and animal care, but dynamically increase its impact, whilst proactively enabling our communities to see the ability in disability and improve our children’s potential for gainful employment.

Where will the Cafe and Farm be located?

The cafe, open to the public, will share the school entrance and be sited alongside St Luke’s School in Redbourn, on brown-field site.   The farm will extend the current set-up and use more of the green belt land we own.   It is important to us that our pupils can easily access the Cafe and Farm during the school day.  In addition, we will be proud to host people on the school setting as part of our intention to support people to see the abilities in disability.

Will the Farm be open to the general public?

Yes, it will be a safe space, judgement free, where everyone is accepted.

Will you be creating jobs for the local community?

Yes.  The main objective of the cafe and farm is to support young people with SEND to access the workplace and as such, we will be offering people opportunities in hospitality, farming, animal care, horticulture, cleaning, administration and maintenance.  Each year we will offer 8 apprenticeships, 8 traineeships and a number of part-time jobs.  We will seek to be able to support young adults with SEND and those with a passion for working with young people with special needs.

When will the Farm be Open and what will the hours be?

We have got through Pre-Planning and looking for planning permission in 2022.  With the interest we have in funders, grants and support, we would be delighted to open in 2023, but it might take a bit longer.

Will the Farm create extra Traffic in Redbourn and where will people park?

We have completed all necessary surveys, we hope to bring in people from neighbouring areas, which in turn will help our local businesses and our village thrive. Onsite parking will be available to reduce any impact on our local roads.  In addition, we will be opening up entrances to the school to attract dog walkers who use the area frequently.

Why Redbourn and not one of your other sites?

St Luke’s School has land and is accessible for the public.  The other settings do not have the carparking or other infrastructure.  St Luke’s is also well known for their animals and has an established mini-farm, so we wanted to extend this and open it up to our local community. The Collett School however, will also have a ‘pop up’ cafe as part of the on-site interaction with work and the community at the front of the school.